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  • Oftentimes, leaders are at the frontlines of the organisation. Communication is inescapable, whether it is with an internal team of employees, or when speaking to customers, partners, stakeholders and even the media.
  • Effective communication is not just about knowing the right words to say to inform a group of people, but knowing how to convey them in a manner that is far-reaching, influential, and inspiring.
  • As a leader, honing one’s ability to communicate effectively in various settings and circumstances is a vital skill because leaders don’t just represent themselves – they represent the organisation.
  • Today, one of the challenges that leaders face isn’t just the intimidating prospect of media attention, but dealing with a diverse, multilingual and increasingly critical audience.
  • The course will run for a total of 50 hours, which will be broken down into 4 hours x 12 sessions.
  • Content and context of the programme will be tailored to Non-WSQ requirements.
  • Each class will consist of not more than 10 individuals.
  • In addition to coaching, the course will focus on realistic role-play scenarios with video playback, where necessary. This would give the participants an opportunity to tell their stories and deliver key messages related.
  • Learn to think and communicate like a leader
  • Prepare your script using tools of storytelling, empathy, persuasion and revelation
  • Present your script with confidence and credibility to various audiences and in various situations
  • Customise your messages for the Malay-Muslim audience and for the Malay-language media
  • Understand the media and how to manage them effectively
  • Learn how to get your key messages across clearly
  • Speak to the media with greater confidence and authority
  • Learn how to think on your feet and deal with difficult questions
  • Convey a more professional style when appearing on radio or TV/Camera

The Trainer : Adi Rahman

  • Adi began his media career as a current affairs newsroom journalist specialising in economics, politics and sports broadcasting. Later, he progressed into producing, creative directing, scriptwriting and hosting for TV and radio programmes. During his long and illustrious stint, Adi has interviewed countless local and international newsmakers, including politicians, prominent businessmen, personalities and celebrities on a myriad of issues and in various interview formats.
  • In addition to his forays at Mediacorp, Adi is also passionate about the Arts and the Malay language. He has produced, provided creative direction, written and performed in many stage productions at the Esplanade Theatres by the Bay. He has also developed many language and media enrichment programmes for schools.
Masterclass Outline
  1. Introduction & Getting to Know Yourself Better
    • What’s your story?
    • Goal and context setting
    • 16 personalities self-test
    • Personal Checklist
      • What do you want to achieve?
      • How much are you willing to commit?
      • Where you are now? (Scale of 1 to 10)
      • Check back after 6 months
      • Speaking moments you envisioned for your work?
  2. Leadership Styles, Practices & Thinking Like a Leader
    • What type of leader are you?
    • Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
    • Groom your thinking:
      • Begin with a vision
      • Think beyond hierarchies
      • Transition from information to inspiration
      • Move from negatives to positives
      • Speak with conviction
      • Listen, Listen, Listen
      • Commit to communicating
  3. The Language Tools of Leadership
    • The allure of stories
    • Explaining tough concepts
    • Empathy
    • Persuasion
    • Revelation
  4. Speaking with Empathy
    • Knowing your constituents
    • Social Assignment – Talking and observing people at Geylang Market
    • Visiting Toa Payoh Housing Estate
  5. Scripting yourself as a leader
    • Open with a grabber
    • State your subject
    • Lead with a message
    • Develop a persuasive structure
    • Close with a call-to-action
  6. Achieving a Leader’s Presence
    • Control your nervous energy in order to project a confident and credible image
    • Bring your script to life by finding your “leader voice”
    • Use relevant visuals during your speech to strengthen the impact of your key messages
    • Venue preparation, setup and rehearsals
Masterclass Outline
7. Public Speaking

  • Understand the various Public Speaking situations and how to adapt to them
  • Know the difference between speeches and presentations

8. Speech Making

  • Know the components of a good speech
  • Put it into practice – Deliver your speech by projecting a confident and credible image
  • Planned Speeches vs Impromptu Speeches

9. Storytelling

  • Idea Building
  • Common Traps
  • The Through line
  • Connection, Narration, Explanation, Persuasion, Revelation

10. TEDx-like Event

  • Show and Tell event (10 Minutes Speech/student)
  • Choose a topic + Use skills learnt
  • Personalised Coaching + Peer Evaluation
Masterclass Outline
11. Preparing for the Media

  • Know your audience
  • Understand the interviewer’s perspective
  • Techniques to help control nervous energy
  • Develop a confident voice

12. Establishing your key message

  • Identify your key message and shape your approach / argument
  • Create a memorable soundbite
  • Prepare your key message and 3 soundbites on an assigned subject matter

13. Understanding the finer points of Malay Language & its Culture

  • Social & Cultural Lessons from P. Ramlee films and old Malay music.
  • The Basics of Pantun (Poetry)
  • Wordplay with Fikir-fikir cards
  • Pre-class homework : Watch one P. Ramlee film, then prepare content for Show & Tell
    • Identify the social issues raised in
    • the film
    • How these social issues are still prevalent in today’s context
    • Facilitate a discussion on these issues

14. Malay Language media landscape

  • Understand and reach out to your Malay/Muslim audience
  • Prepare key messages and soundbites in Malay
  • Deliver soundbites for non- Malay-speaking journalists/interviewees
Masterclass Outline
15. Dealing with Media Questions

  • Learn how to think on your feet and stay calm when under pressure
  • Learn how to avoid journalist ‘traps’ or ‘trick’ questions
  • Learn how to deal with difficult questions – how to keep “on message”

16. Developing greater influence when speaking on Radio

  • Understand how nonverbal elements of the voice convey powerful meanings
  • Develop a range of expressive vocal qualities to help influence your message

17. Radio Interview Practice

  • Prepare for a radio interview
  • Individual interview delivery
  • Review of interview
Masterclass Outline
18. Using body language effectively for TV / Camera interviews

  • Use eye contact and facial expressions to enhance the impact behind your spoken words
  • Learn how to use gestures effectively on camera
  • Combine voice and body language to help communicate a powerful message
  • What to wear/not to wear – clothes, jewellery, make- up etc.

19. Managing a TV Interview effectively

  • Understand the different types of TV interview formats. (1 to 1, Panel Interview, remote interview, press conferenceetc)
  • Get your message across effectively in a restricted time

20. TV Interview Practice

  • Prepare for a TV interview
  • Interview delivery (Recorded)
  • Review of interview

21. Evaluation

  • Reflection and Personal action plans
  • End-of-course
  • evaluation forms
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